"Beautiful work. Very kind soul. I will never go back to previous groomer. My dog always had anxiety and would just run out of that place. With Maggie she went right back in the house when I picked her up. Lounging on the couch before her Momma came to get her. That tells me everything. My Neenee was comfortable and happy. Thank-You. Great Job love. Thanks for taking such good care of My World"
"The right groomer at the right price. We love Maggie's."
"Always gives my little man Charlie a great hair cut...He always looks sooooo good after. Love Maggie's work and she is so accommodating."
"My dog has severe separation anxiety and Maggie is so great with her. Isabella just trots off with Maggie on grooming days, never even glancing back at me. Isabella always comes back looking exactly like I want her too. Maggie even went out of her way to find a special shampoo that didn't bother Isabella's sensitive skin."
"Maggie was quick, the price was great and our dog looks and smells better than ever. We are satisfied customers."
"Been going to Maggie for a few years now and are always very pleased with Chloe's haircut "

"Maggie takes care of my dog Charlie’s grooming needs and is just great with him.    He’s not upset when I leave. He’s happy when he’s groomed so well.  He is on the older side (12 ½ ) but acts like a puppy when we get home, running around and playing.   Charlie has developed many “moles” in the last few years and this woman has never nicked them once. She charges a fair price and always goes beyond expectations.  I recommend Maggie’s Grooming to anyone who has a dog. She’s the greatest."